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Making Every Interaction Count
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Hill End Residential and Field Studies Centre, Eynsham Road, Farmoor, Oxford, Oxon, OX2 9NJ
Course Facilitators
A+ Education Ltd
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Target Audience
Academy/Independent/Free school / Maintained School / Nursery school
target audience
Academy / Academy/Independent/Free school / Free School / Independent School / Maintained School / Nursery school
Course aim
To improve language skills and personal, social, and emotional development in the early years.

This course is designed for qualified teachers working in schools.
Pre-course Information
Course design and tools
• This five-day course is designed with a gap between each session to give you time to evaluate, reflect, make changes and evaluate impact within your classroom. It is important that you commit to completing these activities, as both you and your team will gain much more from the
programme if you are able to do so.
• You will be provided with a training pack that includes copies of the relevant scales, plus support materials and resources.
• Between the course days we will ask you to work with your team, using the course tools to self-evaluate and implement changes within your class/room.
• The main tools we will work with to evaluate practice will be the ECERS-3, ECERS-E and SSTEW.
We will also ask you to use a short screening tool to gather baseline information on your children’s development. We will refer to this information during the course and use it to track children’s progress.

On day one of the training (10th October) we invite your teaching assistant to attend with you. There will also be a briefing for Headteachers at the end of the first day (4-5.30pm).

Refreshments will be provided throughout the course but please bring your own lunch.

 By the end of the training participants will effectively use research tools to:

  • develop quality in the Early Years Foundation Stage with lasting effect on child outcomes in later key stages;

  • gain a deeper understanding of how children learn, and how to support that learning through a strong evidence-based adult role;

  • establish and embed effective observation and assessment of children's development;

  • develop an effective and sustainable self-evaluation and improvement cycle

  • develop expertise for sustained improvement

  • articulate and evidence best practice and progress to others, including Ofsted

Start Date
Wednesday 10 October 2018
End Date
Wednesday 13 March 2019
Closing Date
Friday 5 October 2018
09:15 - 16:00
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